14 Surprising Pet Poisoning Dangers

These foods and household items are harmless to you, but can be fatal for your cat or dog. Here’s how to keep your pets safe.


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by Celia Shatzman

Your pets may feel like members of your family, but that doesn’t make them human. Foods and medications that are harmless to you–or even healthy for you–can actually be fatal for a dog or cat. Their bodies are different from ours, and while you probably know better than to let your furry friends near obviously harmful household chemicals and cleaners, the list doesn’t stop there. Keep your pet safe by storing these other dangerous items out of their reach. If you suspect your pet has eaten something he shouldn’t, contact your vet or poison control center immediately. “Don’t wait it out; it can make the difference between life and death,” says Karen “Doc” Halligan, doctor of veterinary medicine and chief veterinary officer for the Lucy Pet Foundation.

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7 Safe Off-Label Uses for Over-the-Counter Meds

New uses for OTC meds, from a dose of Benadryl before bed to Vicks VapoRub for a headache. Yep, these drugstore remedies actually work!


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From Health magazine

It’s 10 p.m. You’re brushing your teeth in front of the mirror and notice the beginnings of a pesky pimple. No zit cream? No problem! Coat it with a bit of toothpaste and it may be gone by morning. “Unorthodox uses of over-the-counter products can solve a range of nagging health problems,” says pharmacologist Joe Graedon, co-author of the People’s Pharmacy book series and co-editor of PeoplesPharmacy.com. Many familiar drugs and toiletries can pull double-duty, whether because they’ve got unintentionally helpful side effects (like an antihistamine making you drowsy) or because their main ingredient (an anti-inflammatory, say) is just a great multitasker. These expert-approved solutions might save you an emergency run to the pharmacy–or at the very least soothe a sore shoulder.

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13 Ways Inflammation Can Affect Your Health

You can’t live without inflammation, but it can also be hazardous to your health.


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by Amanda MacMillan

You’ve heard of anti-inflammatory medications and anti-inflammatory diets, but do you really know what inflammation is? In short, it’s the body’s response to outside threats like stress, infection, or toxic chemicals. When the immune system senses one of these dangers, it responds by activating proteins meant to protect cells and tissues. “In a healthy situation, inflammation serves as a good friend to our body,” says Mansour Mohamadzadeh, PhD, director of the Center for Inflammation and Mucosal Immunology at the University of Florida.” “But if immune cells start to overreact, that inflammation can be totally directed against us.” This type of harmful, chronic inflammation can have a number of causes, including a virus or bacteria, an autoimmune disorder, sugary and fatty foods, or the way you handle stress. Here are a few ways it can affect your health, both short-term and long.

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5 Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Desk

So you’re stuck sitting at your computer all day! These moves ease neck and back strain–and let you slip in quick toning.


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From Health magazine

The mere thought of sneaking out for a lunchtime yoga class may be laughable, especially now that we’re all asked to do more and more on the job. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay stagnant for hours. There are effective moves you can do right at your desk, ones that will help you get a mental breather and make sure your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists remain in good working order.

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My Healthy Comeback: How I Lost 96 Pounds


Suheily Rodriguez

North Whales, Penn.

Age: 27

Growing up Puerto Rican, I ate meals that were mainly rice-based and filled with fried plantains and pernil (roast pork). My saving grace: I was active–a cheerleader and a gymnast. But once I graduated from high school, the number on the scale shot up. Two pregnancies later, I weighed 236 pounds. The worst part: I couldn’t walk for long without my ankles and knees throbbing. Still, it wasn’t until I saw the few photos I was unable to dodge from a trip to Puerto Rico in December 2011 that I was forced to confront my size; it was staring me right in the face. Though I had tried and failed to lose weight before, I decided to give a healthy lifestyle a go one last time.

No more drive-throughs

Starting in March 2012, I cut back on carbs, eliminating my daily helpings of rice, bread and pasta. Then I added more fruit and vegetables to my diet. I also traded in fast-food stops for home-cooked meals, feasting on spring-mix salads topped with chicken breast, salmon or tilapia every day. Within three months, I knocked off 10 pounds. Next I got a handle on my portions, serving my meals on my son’s mini plates.


Matt Godfrey

Home-gym slim

Thirty pounds lighter, I was ready to sweat. The problem: I was too embarrassed to go to a gym. So I built a home one, where I exercised an hour a day six days a week. I dropped another 25 pounds by September. Just as exciting, I was able to fit into size 6 jeans! This motivated me to kick up my training intensity. I started using ankle weights while on the treadmill and when doing leg exercises. That really helped me firm up. One year after committing to getting fit, I reached my goal. Even better, I no longer want to hide when a camera comes out.

Secrets of a 96-pound loser

A doable diet and exercise plan were the keys to Suheily’s makeover. Try her tactics, and find even more at health.com/weight-loss-stories.

Flat-belly trick: Eat yogurt

When I have more Greek yogurt (I like Yoplait’s tropical flavors), even for just a week, my tummy is instantly flatter.

Fitspiration: Massiel arias

I stumbled across her on Instagram (@mankofit). She posts great workouts and fitness challenges.

Workout must: Electronic dance

I listen to Tiesto’s podcasts; the fast pace makes me push harder.

Go-to meal: Kimchi jjigae

It’s a Korean stew made of kimchi, tofu, chili pepper, pork belly, red pepper paste, sesame oil and scallions, and it’s pretty low-cal, too.

Suheily Rodriguez, 27, 5’7″

North Wales, Penn.


236 lb.



140 lb.



96 lb.


As told to Rozalynn S. Frazier



FDA Considering Statin Use for Those With Normal Cholesterol

MONDAY, Dec. 19, 2009 (Health.com) — Should people who dont have high cholesterol take a cholesterol-lowering statin? Maybe, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is considering an advisory panels recent recommendation to do just that.

If the FDA adopts the panel’s recommendation–the agency isn’t required to do so, but typically does in such cases–it would mark the first time that a statin was approved for heart-disease-free people with healthy cholesterol levels but other risk factors, including high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation.

It would also mean that roughly 6 million new patients would be eligible to take a statin–in this case, Crestor (rosuvastatin).

The recommendation “changes medical practice dramatically [and] will work its way into the guidelines,” says Steven E. Nissen, MD, the chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Cardiologists are divided over the expanded use of the drug. Some say it will help fight heart disease; others are concerned about the data used by the panel and the potential side effects of statins. Adding to the debate is a new study, published this week in The Lancet, that calls into question the strength of the connection between CRP and heart disease.

The panel’s decision was based almost entirely on the Jupiter trial, a study funded by Crestors maker, AstraZeneca, that compared a daily dose of Crestor to placebo in nearly 18,000 people who fit the description used by the panel (and who would not be eligible for a statin under the current guidelines).

“There was a 44% reduction in death, heart attack, and stroke among people taking Crestor,” says Dr. Nissen. “The benefit was very large and happened very quickly.”

“I dont think the new labeling recommendation is really controversial,” he adds. “The decision was very straightforward and among the people who treat lipids, this is a no-brainer.”



Using Natural Male Enhancement Products Safely

A man is most confident when he is having a happy healthy sex life. This is not possible when he is having problems with performance which can have an adverse affect. In fact, male sex issues is about the most demoralizing thing that can happen to a man’s ego.

For millions of men all over the world, sex life is a very important aspect of their life. First, they are content in knowing their sexual mates are satisfied with their performance. Second, sex is an enjoyable activity and remain sexually active as long as they can. However, it is accepted that some health conditions can slow down their sexual performance leading to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or low sex drive. There are instances wherein it’s psychological and not physiological.

Regardless of the cause, men are constantly on the search for the latest male libido solutions that can really boost his performance. Caution must be exercised when using any of the male enhancement products since they are not usually endorsed by health agencies. Nevertheless, it’s very possible to use them safely as long as you heed the advice we have:


One of the potent and effective ingredient of many herbal health products is the catuaba bark extract which has long been used in the Amazon. This ingredient is known to work effectively even after a few months of use. However, other ingredients like yohombine must be avoided since this herbal male enhancement products are linked to problems with the vascular system. Also, a lot of good quality herbal remedies must contain at least 5 different ingredients.

Investigate well. Several manufacturers of herbal male enhancement products advertise on the internet. Scan if they have positive comments through forums, blogs and online business bureau. Be wary of any complaints regarding side effects that can endanger your health. Check if it has a money back guarantee and has 800 phone number you can call for complaints.

Follow instructions carefully. Herbal supplements are usually effective but they should not be abused. Over dose can also be fatal. Remember, you are buying this product for fun and do not spoil that by thinking more is better.

Herbal male enhancement products are good for your sex drive and satisfy your partner but always prioritize health first.


The Right Types Of Supplements For Body Building

supplements for working out

Choosing the right types of supplements for working out is just as important as your workout itself. First of all you have to know what your goals are, then finding the right supplements for you is the next step.

supplements for working outBody building supplements come in different forms and each from make use of different types of protein, creatine, vitamins and antioxidants in order to make the product work.   For this reason, you must know the pros and cons of the most commonly used active ingredients for the best body building supplements out in the market today so that you’ll know the ones that you should buy.   Here are a few of these.

Whey protein has undergone many researches and it is one of the oldest active ingredients for body building supplements.   Quite a few of the best supplements for body building today make use of this active ingredient.  Since it has been around for years, researchers are already well aware of its limitation and untoward effects which is why it is very safe to use.

Body building supplements that make use of creatine monohydrate are regarded as one of the best ones since they don’t have any side effects.  It also takes care of any energy-related issues which mean that you will have enough energy to last throughout the day even if you do a couple of exercise routines in the morning.

Some of the best supplements for body building make use of vitamins as their active ingredient which brings you back to the basics of body building.  It also guarantees that they are safer than other brands since they are all natural.   Reading the instructions or asking your gym instructor or doctor about the recommended dosage of these supplements is the best thing that you can do in order to ensure your safety.

Antioxidants and essential fatty acids are also the main ingredients of some of the best body building supplements that you can buy today.   Since essential fatty acids are good for the heart, you will be able to do hard exercise without having to worry about overworking this organ.   Antioxidants on the other hand, works by getting rid of the free radicals in your body which can cause stress and and aging which is why it will be able to make you stay young.


A Great Diet Plan For Abs


Obesity has adversely increased everywhere and it is easier to gain weight than to lose it these days. No one wants to stop eating even when the tummies grow larger every day. Doctors are now recommending the very low calorie diets for losing excess belly fat. Dietary supplements have also been produced to help people build six packs. It is however impossible to get rid of the belly fat covering your abdominal muscles without developing diet plan for abs. Knowing and utilizing a meal plan will make it easier to build an awesome pack. So what is a good diet plan for developing your abs?

A good six pack diet is one that contains carbohydrates which increase the body fibre while reducing body fats and sugars. Carbohydrates should be included in the diet plan for abs because they make you feel satisfied for a longer period. You will therefore not be tempted to eat excessively. The carbohydrates taken should also provide you with all necessary vitamins and minerals to increase your body strength. Examples of great carbohydrates include whole grains which contain minimal calories.

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A good diet plan for abs should include proteins, with minimal amounts of fat. Total calories intake in your body should be 1200-1500 per day for someone who wants good abs. if you are trying to lose weight while building abs you should make sure that you take enough food that can sustain your daily exercises. Your calorie intake should exceed the calories you burn. Sugars and starch intake should be reduced too.

Organic and lean meats are a good example of proteins that you should include in your diet plan for abs. However, the meat should not be fried as this will increase the fat intake. You should however note that fats are still very important in the body because they help in digestion and are a source of energy.

Eating food that is not mass produced but produced naturally without many chemicals is recommended by many trainers as well as doctors. Maintaining you own diet is not very expensive and apart from getting your abs, you will also avoid going to the doctor frequently.

The process of building a six pack is slow and it requires patience. The diet plan for abs acts as a guideline for building your six packs in a healthier and effective way. There is no magic wand to developing muscular abs as most people are commonly misled. In case there is, then it should certainly lie on the kind of diet you take. However, you should note that gaining abs is not isolated to dieting. It is a combination of activities like cardio and work- outs which are synchronized together in order to get your desired six packs.